Punctuation Marks Checker – Age, When There is Zero Tolerance for Both Grammar and Punctuation

Using the correct prepositions and positioning of punctuation marks, like the comma, to achieve proper grammar clarity, is achieved by having a punctuation marks checker tool along with online dictionaries. Finding results for a punctuation or grammar query makes the writer confident enough to correct the misspelled word into the given suggestion or search for a better one. This also goes true when you check punctuation marks on the internet.

Use Punctuation Marks Checker for Commas

Punctuation marks checker must be constantly used to check for comma placement mistakes. Take note that in an introductory sentence, a comma must separate the introductory phrase from the other parts of the sentence. If a group of words is present at the beginning of a sentence that gives more information separate them with a comma.

Example: Before going to sleep, he went out to check if the door is closed.

Use commas between all words in a series even before the coordinating conjunction

Example: During Christmas, mother cooked pot roast chicken, potato salad, and lemon cream pie.

Use a comma before the word which in a sentence.

Example: The car, which is owned by Ben, is being repaired at the garage.

Do not use a comma before a coordinating conjunction not after it.

Example: Jay likes to eat but he does not like to cook. (Wrong)

Jay likes to eat but, he does not like to cook. (Wrong)

Jay likes to eat, but he does not like to cook. (Correct)

If these rules seem to be too complicated to follow, then try using our comma corrector.

Check Punctuation Marks Around a Quotation

Image credit: qsleap.com

Image credit: qsleap.com

Quotation marks must be used to enclose direct quotations. Make sure to check punctuation marks are placed appropriately within the quotation marks in a sentence. See the examples below:

Examples: “This bag is quite heavy,” said Charlie.

Father asked, “Is that bag heavy?”

*Note: Exception to the rule is made when writing parenthetical citations as follows:

Mike said, “The subject is noteworthy” (Hart 2015).

The punctuation marks checker found online is free and can be used anytime anywhere. Writers do not have any reason not to be able to check punctuation marks errors and other grammar mistakes. If it is still too hard for you to find all the mistakes, then use an online punctuation check. Such a quality punctuation check will save you both time and efforts!

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