English Punctuation Checker – The Perfect Solution for those, for Whom English is not a Native Language

online punctuation checker and correctorThe online punctuation checker and corrector is a valuable tool for people in all walks of life. The English punctuation checker is also essential for those who are not Native English speakers because there is a variance on how a word is spelled or how a phrase is understood in different English speaking regions over the globe.

Commas are useful punctuation marks that are often misplaced in sentences. There are traditional ways on how to use the comma correctly, and an English punctuation checker can help you place commas in their appropriate places.

Online Punctuation Checker and Corrector for Commas

The online punctuation checker and corrector can be used to make sure that the following rules are adhered to:

Image credit: vappingo.com

Image credit: vappingo.com

  1. Commas are used to separate two independent phrases or clauses which are combined by the following coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet.
  2. Place commas after using introductory phrases, clauses or words that come prior to a main clause in a sentence.
  3. Commas are placed between three or more words, phrases or clauses that are written in a series.
  4. Commas are used to separate two or more coordinating adjectives which pertain to the same noun. A correct punctuation checker can easily help you with that.
  5. Place commas at the near end of the sentence to separate different coordinative elements or to indicate a shift or a pause.
  6. Use commas to separate phrases at the end of a sentence which points back to the beginning or middle of the said sentence. These phrases are considered modifiers that can be positioned anywhere within a sentence without destroying the thought of the sentence.
  7. Commas must be used to set-off all geographical names, items in dates (except month and day), addresses (except the name and street number), and titles that precede a name.

English Punctuation Checker to Avoid Comma Abuse

english punctuation checkerWhile commas are important overusing them also has its disadvantages. Commas which are placed illogically within a sentence, phrase or clause break the ideas into nonsensical segments. An English punctuation checker and an online punctuation checker and corrector can dispel doubts on how commas are actually positioned within the sentence.

To avoid all the mistakes, start using our English punctuation checker!