Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Check: When to Use Oxford Comma

Why Is It Important That I Check My Grammar and Punctuation?

The rules that govern our writing help our readers to understand what we meant to say. Poor use of grammar and punctuation can actually change or confuse the meaning of your writing. This can be very true when it comes to the use of the Oxford or serial comma. Because of this, good spelling grammar and punctuation check should always be made of your work to avoid any errors. Use of our punctuation editor free could ensure that you can avoid any errors in your writing quickly and effectively.

None of us can write perfectly at all times, we will always make mistakes. Finding those mistakes can be hard work and also time-consuming. Using our free grammar punctuation check, however, can shorten that process significantly and help you to identify issues more effectively.

What Is the Oxford Comma?

The Oxford comma is the comma that will come after the penultimate member of a list. Such as for Mary, John, Harry, and Maisy. The Oxford comma is the one that comes after Harry if you follow the Oxford comma rules and for some writers, they would omit the comma completely.

The Oxford or serial comma is not always used by everyone, so many will ask when to use the Oxford comma. It is generally expected for all academic writing, but for journalists and others, they will typically not use it. The APA Oxford comma simply does not exist which is the style used by most journalists. So is the Oxford comma correct?

The Oxford comma is known by this name as it was first widely used by the Offord University Press. It was introduced and used to ensure that lists would be completely understood. This is especially important for lists that have elements that are not all single words. Without the use of this comma, it is possible that a list could be misunderstood.

Some Examples of the Oxford Comma

When our punctuation and grammar check looks for the Oxford comma it will highlight the missing comma and provide you with the opportunity to add it. This is not always appropriate if your list consists of items that may be of more than one word.

The Oxford comma should come before the last item in the list and before the coordinating conjunction. The following are some examples of the use of the Oxford comma:

  • Mary loaded the tops, shorts, and underwear into her bag.
  • The following countries are going to be involved in the treaty: France, England, Germany, and Spain.
  • The thief stole the gems, bonds, high-value notes, and gold but left all of the coins.

The reason for the use of the Oxford comma can be clearer when you consider the differences between the sentences below and how commas are used:

  • The party was attended by the two dancers, Mary and Gail. – Is this just two people?
  • The party was attended by the two dancers, Mary, and Gail. – This is 4 people.
  • The store sold socks in lemon and green, purple and blue, and yellow and black. – Three color variants.
  • The store sold socks in Lemon and green, purple and blue and yellow and black. – Is this 5 variants of color?

How Can Our Tool Check Punctuation in a Sentence?

If you want to “check my grammar and punctuation free” using our tool then it can help you to spot where you should be using an Oxford or serial comma. The software is able to review the whole of your text in just a few seconds and will highlight where it feels you should have included a comma. However, it is up to you to implement the change if it is appropriate which is why you must understand when and where you should be using the comma.

With all forms of academic writing, you should be seeking to add the Oxford comma as it adds clarity. You should also use the comma if your list contains items that are made up of multiple words such as “yellow and black.”

To use our tool to check punctuation online free all you need to do is:

  • Navigate to the page on which you will find our tool.
  • Paste the text for checking into the tool and click to begin the review of your writing,
  • The text will be checked in only a few seconds by the software and all potential issues will be highlighted.
  • You can work through the highlighted items and implement the suggested changes or make the changes that you feel are right for your specific meaning.
  • Paste the completed text back to the document it came from.

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The Benefits of Using Our Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Check

If you are looking for a tool that can “punctuate this sentence for me online free” then our software is just what you are looking for. Remember however that when you check for punctuation errors online free you must look at the Oxford comma with care to ensure that you maintain the specific meaning you are looking for.

When you look to check grammar and punctuation for free you will find that our tool provides you with all of these advantages:

  • It is free: you do not have to pay to use the powerful software that we provide for you.
  • It is very quick: your errors will be highlighted in only a few seconds.
  • It is effective: the tool has a high level of accuracy.
  • It is a comprehensive check: the tool checks for punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and plagiarism.
  • It is available online: you do not have to download any software to make use of the tool for your writing.
  • Available for use 24/7: you can access and use the tool at any time to improve your writing.
  • You can have constant checking: use it as a chrome extension to enable ease of checking.
  • It can be used on all documents: the tool can analyze the text of an academic paper through to your resume.
  • It shows you how to fix the problems it finds: the tool provides clear instructions and suggestions to improve your writing.

Remember, when you are wondering “where can I check my punctuation online” you simply need to make use of our tool. In just a few minutes of use, you will be able to make a better impression and improve the results you will get from your writing.

Always use our spelling grammar and punctuation check to detect and fix grammar issues in a timely manner!