Why It Can Be Tricky to Check Punctuation Errors

Check Punctuation Errors

Writing content is not enough. If you want to convey the message in its true sense, you need to check punctuation errors. A badly punctuated text is not only boring for the readers, but it also reflects your poor writing skills. It ruins the purpose, for which the content was written as people will not be able to understand it. Today, you can get your text to be proofread online at no charge. A variety of apps, software, and websites are available, which are ready to help students, writers and everyone who is associated with punctuation creation. You can hire an expert and request him to fix punctuation. But experts will take their time and will ask for a heavy fee a well. So, using free grammar and punctuation corrector is an economical option.

Sentence Punctuation: Some Basic Rules

If you want to punctuate your text correctly, you need to focus on your sentences. If sentences are properly punctuated, it means your entire text is well punctuated. You can use punctuation error checker, but if you don’t know the basic punctuation rules, you will not be able to understand the correction suggestions. Here are some basic rules for sentence punctuation.

  • Start with a capital letter.
  • End at the period or question mark, according to the nature of the sentence. It can end with the exclamation mark as well.
  • Use capital letters to start proper nouns.
  • Use a comma for a pause between sentences.
  • Join two independent clauses with a semicolon.
  • Use a colon to introduce a list.
  • The colon is used to introduce a list.

These are just the basic sentence punctuation rules. Punctuation is not really simple, you can use the tool and request to check my punctuation-free.

Correct Punctuation: Why It’s Tricky?

Punctuation is not easy. It is not about using a capital letter in the beginning and period at the end of the sentence. Rather some punctuation rules are very technical and need an expert to use them properly. When it comes to fixing punctuation errors, it can be tricky. The reasons for this are many. We are not language experts. We don’t know all the rules of punctuation and that increases the chances of mistake. Secondly, some papers are very technical and cannot be punctuated without the help of an expert. Moreover, the use of some punctuation marks like colon and semicolon is very confusing, which makes punctuation difficult.

Examples of Punctuation Mistakes

If you are not sure about your punctuation skills, you can use punctuation tools and ask to check my essay for punctuation errors. It is very important to check your punctuation, otherwise, your text will convey the wrong meaning as shown in the following examples.

  • Samsung will introduce it’s new smartphone soon. (Instead of it’s, it should be its)
  • I left the work and I missed my train and waited at the station for long for the next train, so I was very late when I reached home. (No commas in the sentence, making it a run one sentence).
  • The traffic was heavy, but I reached home on time. (A comma should be used before a coordinating conjugation).
  • I had three things in dinner today; soup, fruits and baked potatoes. (Colon should be used for the introduction of the list.
  • “Train was last for 20 minutes”, my friend told me. (Comma should be used inside quotation marks)

You must have noticed common punctuation mistakes are about the use of common punctuation marks. These mistakes show that punctuation is not easy, you should be well aware of punctuation rules to punctuate text properly.

Checker Punctuation and Grammar Manually: It Has Some Limitations

You have to check punctuation and grammar for the better quality of your content, that is decided. Now, the next thing is to decide the method. You can use a tool and check it on your own too. However, if you choose to check it manually, you should be ready to face some limitations.

  • Manual checking can be risky when you are not an expert. You may consider something correct, but it may be grammatically incorrect. If so, all your efforts will be wasted.
  • Manual checking will take a lot of your time. Reading your text word to word will be time taking and troublesome.
  • When you check on your own, you may skip a few lines. It will reduce the accuracy of your proofreading.
  • Punctuation is different for different documents. Punctuating dialogue is different than punctuating a research paper, but commonly we don’t understand these differences.

Punctuation Error Checker: How It Helps?

Punctuation error checker is helping students, writers, and almost everyone to enhance the quality of their content. It helps in many different ways.

  • It checks the punctuation, according to the punctuation rules and nature of the document.
  • It checks grammar and offers suggestions for the correction.
  • It provides online punctuation help, there is no need to download and install any software.
  • It checks spellings and shows correction options as well.
  • It highlights misused words and helps with correction.
  • It saves time as all kinds of mistakes are highlighted and correction options are also offered.
  • It is very accurate, as no mistake is left behind.
  • It is available round the clock and works as proofreading assistant.
  • It works for all kind of documents.

Check punctuation errors with our tool and make your text effective. Try it now and you will not regret your decision.