Punctuation Error Checker- 5 Mistakes You Didn’t Know you Were Supposed to Look out For

If you like to write a great paper, you need to know how you can able to use punctuation properly. If you want to submit a polished paper to your boss, proper punctuation check is important. Read this check for punctuation errors article to know more information.

Check for Punctuation Errors: Mistakes you Didn’t Know you Were Supposed to Look out for

Image credit: papierenkarton.nl

Image credit: papierenkarton.nl

  • Always start with capital letter: People make funny punctuation mistakes in using capital letter. It is always essential to capitalize the first letter of each sentence. The capitalized form of letter is bigger version of that letter.
  • Use period in ending declarative statements and sentences: Always keep in mind that each sentence must need to have at least 1 punctuation mark like period. Period is also called as full stop and it is used in ending a sentence that’s declarative.
  • Use comma in indicating pause or break within sentence: There are numerous instances requiring comma to use in writing. The fact is that it is mostly use in implying appositive- it is a break within sentence supplementing and adding details to the subject.
  • Use semicolon is separating 2 related but independent clause: Using of semicolon is similar but not identical. It marks the end of 1 independent clause and begins of another within single sentence. Keep in mind that if 2 clauses are complex or wordy, period or full stop must be use.
  • Use apostrophe together with letter s in indicating possession: Apostrophe has numerous uses in conveying concept of possession. You need to know the difference of using apostrophe with plural or singular nouns. A singular noun must use before the “s” (‘s), and the plural version will use apostrophe after “s” (s’).

Check out Punctuation Error Checker

Relying with punctuation error checker is good because it helps you in checking the mistakes of your paper but it is better when you check your errors by yourself so that you can be focus in checking your paper.

It’s OK to depend on a punctuation checker but make sure to know the mistakes that you need to look for when it comes to punctuation usage.

Start checking your paper with a punctuation error checker today!