Some of the Funniest Punctuation Mistakes People Make

funny punctuation errorsFunny punctuation mistakes with the use of the apostrophe takes on a funny turn as they seem to crop up in many public places. From being inserted in the wrong place or being left out, produces an assortment of funny punctuation errors that are quite generic. To avoid those try using a free punctuation checker.

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Avoid Funny Punctuation Mistakes with the Apostrophe

In proper English grammar, apostrophes are used to show an abbreviation or ownership. Below is an explanation on how to avoid making funny punctuation mistakes when using the apostrophe. What’s more, all those mistakes can be easily found by a proper punctuation checker.

Funny Punctuation Mistakes by Showing Ownership

funny punctuation mistakesTo show ownership the apostrophe is place next to the name of the owner and before the letter s:

Example: Jim’s car or Ana’s books are on top of the table.

If there is more than one owner, the apostrophe is placed after the s located at the end of the owners name:

Example: The homeowners’ fund raising project was successful. The students’ activity is scheduled next week.

Avoid Funny Punctuation Errors in Abbreviation

To indicate abbreviation the apostrophe is positioned where the missing letter of a word was removed.

Example: It doesn’t have to reach that point or It’s probably going to rain in the afternoon.

A word in plural form which must contain an s at the end of the word does not need an apostrophe if it does not indicate any ownership or abbreviation in the sentence. The usual funny punctuation errors committed is that people put an apostrophe at the end of plural words that ends with an s.

funny punctuation mistakes

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Example: The signs indicate that we should go that way.

*Signs are in the plural form but do not show ownership and neither does it need to be abbreviated.

Example: The birds’ waterhole is dried up.

*Birds are the plural form of bird and as used in the sentence indicates ownership of the waterhole. So the apostrophe is placed after the s of the word birds – like this ‘birds’.

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To avoid funny punctuation mistakes and funny punctuation errors determine how words will be used before using them individually or in a sentence.