Everything You Need to Know About Paraphrasing UK: Specifics, Examples, Rewording Techniques

When submitting academic work, it is very important to ensure that your work is either original or you use proper citation. Plagiarism is a serious offense and there are serious consequences if you copy someone else’s work without the right citation. A lot of students are not aware of the consequences of doing such acts until it is too late. There are schools that are really strict when it comes to academic honesty. Students who are caught copying other peoples’ work without citation might be expelled from the school, here a paraphrasing help UK can help.

This is where paraphrasing UK professional help comes in. This explains why it is important to know how paraphrasing works. By paraphrasing another author’s work, you cite the source of ideas and arguments and try to integrate them into your own analysis. You do not just copy and paste directly what you have seen or read. With paraphrasing UK, you can be assured that your papers are guaranteed to be free of plagiarism.

Academic English UK Paraphrasing

When writing a paper in British English, many would ask if there are big differences. Yes, there are notable differences but not that much. For instance, when it comes to spelling, the British has a different way of spelling words compared to American English. You can also learn about punctuation facts on our site. Here are just some of the examples:

American Spelling – British Spelling

  • Apologize- apologise
  • Analyze-analyse
  • Canceling-cancelling
  • Center-centre
  • Check-cheque
  • Color- colour
  • Favorite-favourite
  • Fulfill-filfill
  • Gray-grey

Spelling Rules: Americans and British have their respective rules when it comes to spelling and it helps that you are familiar with the spelling rules which include:

  • Those words that end in ER in American English ends with RE in British English.
  • The British use OUR but in American English, the spelling is OR.
  • Americans use IZATION instead of ISATION (British).
  • Verbs that end in YSE or ISE (British) is YZE or IZE in American English.

The differences are not that big. So which one has the correct spelling? Both of them are correct. It just depends whether you are being asked to write in American or British English. American English is gaining an advantage in the sense that many make use of American English. Even Microsoft Word is in American English.

Paraphrasing Techniques

When it comes to essay paraphrasing UK, same with the spelling there are differences, especially how you rewrite words and sentences. Here are some expert tips to follow when paraphrasing any content:

Step 1: Read and select relevant information

When doing research, you are bombarded with a lot of information and before you even start paraphrasing, it is important that you select which pieces of information are relevant to your research. From there, you can start highlighting which thoughts, ideas, and arguments you can include in your paper.

Step 2: Understand the meaning of the words

It will be difficult for you to do thesis paraphrasing UK and dissertation paraphrasing UK if you do not fully understand the meaning of the words and sentences that you have just read. When you fully comprehend the source material, the next step is quite easy.

Step 3: Make new words

When you understand the content, paraphrasing is not that difficult. You can start creating new words and from there apply how you understood the content in order for you to come up with your own content. But you need to be careful, you cannot just change words or find the synonyms as this can still be plagiarism.

Step 4: Write down how you understood the content

With the new words that you are able to make, you can start writing the content in your own words. Apply how you understood the source material and start writing the ideas in your own words.

Step 5: Review the content

After you have finished writing the content, it helps that you review it first to make sure that it is not copied or plagiarized. You may also want to use an online plagiarism checker.

paraphrasing uk help

Professional Paraphrasing Help

Considering the time and effort that you have to put into your academic work, most of the time it is best if you hire professionals to do the job. By hiring a pro, you never have to worry about PhD paraphrasing UK. Professional writers and editors make sure that they write quality and original content that can give you Turnitin acceptable percentage. Advantages of hiring a professional. You may have to shoulder additional costs. But there are several advantages in hiring a professional:

  • If you need to have your content in British English, you do not have to worry as they know exactly how American and British English differ.
  • If you need UK spelling check, paraphrasing help UK, sentence punctuation check, punctuation facts, and punctuation checking.
  • When it comes to structure and flow of the content, they are professional writers with years of experience so you know that you only have well-written and structured content.
  • You never have to worry about plagiarism because they make use of plagiarism checker to ensure that the content is free from any plagiarism issues.
  • Prior to submission, they make sure that they edit the content. It undergoes various revision processes.
  • Once you have the final draft, you can just check the content and see if there are changes that you want to be made. If none, then you can just submit the paper as it is.

With all the benefits that you can get in allowing a professional writing and editing company to help you with your paperwork, it is actually a good idea to consider just hiring a professional to do the work, like punctuation checking. With their help, you never have to worry about plagiarism issues since you are guaranteed that the work is original and has quality paraphrasing.

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