Checking Punctuation- Things You Have to Remember to Avoid Most Common Punctuation Mistakes

Punctuation matters and you should know it. Placing the wrong mark will affect the quality of your paper that is why it is essential to write it correctly for readers to understand what you’re saying. If you want your writing to be readable, know the things you need to avoid.

Check Your Punctuation: English Punctuation Rules

  • Apostrophes: For checking punctuation, apostrophe before letter “s” indicates belonging or possession. Space is not needed after or before apostrophe. For instance, this is Mane’s website.
  • Exclamation marks: It can be a full stop and used in showing surprise, horror, shock or pleasure. Stick to the rule that you need to use 1 exclamation mark only for every sentence. For instance, it’s shocking!
  • Commas: Commas is a pause in separate items in long lists or complex sentence. It is useful for breaking long sentences; however, it only show natural break. Keep in mind that you should not put a space before comma but put space after comma.

Image credit: crazydadlife.com

Image credit: crazydadlife.com

  • Colons: For punctuation checking, you need to check your paper if you put a space after a colon. Just like comma, you should not put a space before a colon.
  • Hyphens: This punctuation mark is used in connecting syllables or words or use in dividing words into parts. You should not use a space on side of hyphen.
  • Question marks: This punctuation mark is always placed at the end of each question. You do not put a space before question mark but you need to put after it. For example, is your name Glenn?
  • Semicolons: Semicolons are used in separating 2 sentences that would joined with word like “and”, “unless”, “while”, “since” or “because”. Only put a space after a semicolon and not before it during your punctuation check.

Checking Punctuation: Remember the Rules

In punctuation checking, you need to remember the rules to avoid mistakes. If you do not know all the rules, take note of the tips or the guidelines presented above because it is a big help when you writing. You should not forget it because you can apply it every time you will write. And if you don’t stop asking “how can I check my punctuation online?”, then feel free to contact our experts. They will provide you with the best punctuation help.

To sum it up, you should remember all the information presented in this page to submit a good paper. Following it when checking punctuation will guarantee you to avoid mistakes.