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It is important when you know how to find and fix apostrophe or any punctuation errors. It helps you to present a clear essay to your readers. In writing, you need to know what you need to include, what you should not and others, so check out this good site to find more!

Check My Punctuation Online Free: Understanding Punctuation

  • Understand the problem: You need to understand the problem so that you will know how you can able to present the best essay. Find out here more useful information on how you can shorten the process of writing essay.
  • Use apostrophe making words possessive: You can show possession in a short or long way. In a long way, it requires a phrase by using a word such as ‘own’ or ‘belong.’ A preposition like of will do the trick. Showing possession with apostrophe and added by “s” will reduce the word count.

For instance:

Peter’s sport car

Watsons’ home

Jia’s donut

  • Noun without a final S: When a noun does not end in “s”, you need to use apostrophe+s
  • Noun with final S: Nouns ending in “s” requires more thought. If a noun is plural, attach an apostrophe.
  • Use an apostrophe in making contractions: Apostrophe indicates when a person has combined 2 or more words into a single word.

For instance:

Can not= can’t

Let us=let’s

Does not= doesn’t

I am=I’m

  • Use an apostrophe to make odd plurals: If you have plural lower case letters, use apostrophe+s in making letters plural. For numbers, to make it plural; use only “s”. For other parts of speech, you just need to use “s” to make it plural of it’s a common expression.

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