Punctuate This Sentence for Me Online

Punctuate This Sentence for Me Online: Finding the Right Place

You may have visited a website and asked to punctuate this sentence for me online. It is a common practice now. Instead of wasting time on punctuation correction, people prefer to use online tools. However, when you use a free grammar and punctuation check tool you need to be very careful. Some scams are also working online. They ask for heavy subscription charges or subscription fee and when you use the tool the proofreading quality is very poor, and you do not get, which was promised. So, whenever you use a grammar tool, make sure it is of good quality. It has all the features, which are promised, and it will not waste your time.

Sentence Punctuation Checker: Who Need It?

Punctuation checking is important for everyone. Many people think that they can get away with improper punctuation, but this is not the case, certainly. When it comes to sentence punctuation checker, everyone needs it for different reasons.

Students: Students need this tool to check their daily assignments, essays and important papers like thesis and dissertation if they want to get good grades. They all need to check their admission documents like personal statements, letters of recommendation and even resume. No one wants a student with poor writing skills. You have to learn punctuation rules, small details, like uses of a question mark, can be vital.

Bloggers: If you run a blog, you must check your text for punctuation mistakes. People don’t want to read low-quality content and the text which is not understandable. Quality of writing, which is also associated with punctuation, plays an important role to bring traffic to your blog.

Writers: If you are a writer, either you write literature or some serious content you need to punctuate properly.

Journalists: Journalists need to punctuate a sentence to convey the information effectively.

Sentence Punctuation: 10 Common Mistakes

  1. Unnecessary apostrophes: One of the most common mistakes is the unnecessary use of apostrophes. Sometimes it is used to show possession and sometimes to contract the words. Another use is to make the plural of the word. But sometimes, apostrophes are used unnecessarily, which is a common mistake.
  2. Unnecessary quotation marks: quotation marks are used to quote the words of another person. But unnecessary use of quotation marks is also a common mistake.
  3. Missing comma: If commas are not used the sentence is difficult to understand. Commas give the pause and make the sense clear.
  4. Comma Splice:  When commas are used unnecessarily or at the wrong place, it is called a comma splice. It destroys the quality of your writing and must be avoided.
  5. Excessive use of exclamation marks: When you don’t know how to correctly punctuate a sentence, you may use an exclamation mark when it is not needed. This is another common mistake.
  6. Its’ and It’s: It is one of the most common mistakes, as most of the people can’t differentiate between the use if It’s and its.
  7. Fused Sentences:  Usually people fuse two sentences together and it makes their text vague. This practice must be avoided as you can split it into two different sentences by using a period.
  8. Hyphen and Dash: Many people confuse these two marks. Sentence and punctuation checker can be used to know the correct use of these too.
  9. Semicolon and colon: These marks are also used interchangeability, without knowing their proper use.
  10. Oxford comma: Some people use a comma when they write a list and use “and” before the last entry of the list. Some people avoid the use of such a comma, it is called the Oxford comma. You will use it or not, the device once and follow it for the entire document.

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Punctuate Paragraph: Using These Rules Will Make You Smart

You can punctuate your text on your own and can request someone to punctuate my sentence. If you want to do it yourself, keep these rules in mind and you will be able to do the punctuation smartly.

  1. Parallel punctuation: When you punctuate a sentence try to use the same punctuation marks in the beginning and end of the sentence, it will make you look very smart.
  2. Use a colon: When you are describing a list or making a restatement, use a colon. You can use a colon when you are elaborating something.
  3. Use semicolon for equal emphasis: When you have to do an emphasis on something, use a semicolon between two clauses.

Be careful about the uses of hyphens, if you care about punctuation.

Comma Usage: Some Funny Examples

Sentence comma corrector is a very useful tool as it can help you to avoid comma splice.  Here are some examples of comma usage where missing a comma or using it at the wrong place can make statements funny.

  1. I Find inspiration in cooking my family and my dog.
  2. Let’s eat John.
  3. Tables are for eating customers only.
  4. Toilets are for disabled elderly pregnant children.
  5. Man Bacon makes anything taste good.

Comma Usage: 5 Common Mistakes

  1. When the word “that” is used in a clause, use of a comma before “that” is a common mistake.
  2. When two clauses are connected by a coordinating conjugation, we don’t use a comma between them, it’s a mistake.
  3. In a relative clause, if the comma is used before a verb, it’s a mistake.
  4. When two independent clauses are joined together by using a comma only and no coordinating conjugation is used, it is a mistake, commonly known as a comma splice.
  5. The comma should not be used in the essential adjective clause.

If you will use a free online sentence punctuation checker, it will take care of all these points.

Semicolon Usage: 5 Main Mistakes

The semicolon is used to give pause, which is less than a period and more than a comma. Here are some common mistakes associated with semicolon usage.

  1. Joining two independent sentences that are not related to each other, by using a semicolon.
  2. Separating different items in a list by using a semicolon is a mistake.
  3. Use of conjugation and semicolon together is a common mistake.
  4. Use of semicolon with conjunctive adverbs.
  5. Not using the semicolon before connecting words like therefore, additionally, etc.

If you are confused about the use of the semicolon, sentence punctuation fixer is there to help you.

Colon Usage: 5 Main Mistakes

  1. Not using a colon, when you are introducing a list.
  2. Not using a colon, when connecting two related sentences.
  3. Using a colon between a verb and its object.
  4. Not using a colon, when you write time.
  5. Use of preposition between the object and the associated preposition.

You need to take care of all these points when you punctuate paragraph or an entire essay.

Sentence Punctuation Corrector: How It Helps

You can use our grammar and punctuation fixer for a variety of reasons. It works for grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation and misused words. You can request to check my sentence for correct punctuation. Copy your text and paste in the given space on our webpage. It will highlight all the mistakes and problems in your text. It not only highlights the mistakes but also provides correction options. It reads the text according to the context and highlights mistakes only. It works as a sentence punctuation checker and you can use it enhance your writing skills.

Looking for someone to punctuate this sentence for me online? Look no further, our tool is here to help you. Try it once!