Free Online Punctuation Checker – Modern Technologies to the Rescue with the Punctuation Crises

The presence of free online punctuation checker and punctuation checker free online software that litter the internet makes a writer’s job more convenient. These are programs that are hard to do without, most especially for those who need to beat the deadlines after the rigors of writing for hours or days on end.

The Dominie and BonAccord Free Punctuation Checker

The Dominie and BonAccord are programs that were created mainly to assist French speakers to learn the English language and for the English speakers to learn French. Both programs have a free online punctuation checker feature that aids the user in the translation of English to French and French to English. The punctuation checker free feature is a built in element that aids in the translations.

Dominie – A Free Online Punctuation Checker

The Dominie is made up of twenty writing guide exercises in English (where English is considered a foreign second language). The exercises consist of letters and memos related to normal conditions and situations concerning job applications and commercial situations among others. The applications termed as “Skeletal Frames” produces a number of skeletal sentences which the program expands and converts into a complete sentence in French.

The Dominie was programmed to express a simple sentence into many acceptable grammar forms that are correct. It is likewise able to process even the minimum knowledge level a student has with a simple input. The Dominie also has a punctuation checker free element.

Bonaccord – Offering Free Online Punctuation Checker

Image credit: autostraddle.com

Image credit: autostraddle.com

The Bonaccord is comprised of fourteen passages in English that is translated to French. All the passages are taken from university examination papers and other public documents in Scotland. The difficulty level of the passages is equivalent to English A-level or the first year level of a British University.

Like the Dominie, the Bonaccord can translate a simple sentence in different ways, most of which are acceptable except for technical ones that are more complex in nature. It also contains a free online punctuation checker which is useful in giving correct suggestions and explanations for wrong grammars and other issues concerning sentence structures.

So if you want to avoid mistakes, use our free online punctuation checker!