Best Punctuation App List

There are different tools available online that you can use to check your punctuation. An auto punctuation app can be used to correct your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation mistakes. It should locate your errors and suggest corrections.

A punctuation check online free has many benefits. Besides helping you make sure that there are no mistakes in your paper, it will also help you save time. Keep reading to find out more about the online punctuation checker.

Grammar and Punctuation Checker App vs. a Manual Revision

How to check punctuation efficiently is a recurrent question for many writers, students, and journalists. Revising a text takes time, but there are ways that you can improve this process. Let’s see the differences between an online tool and a manual revision.

Free online proofreading tool apps are programmed to detect mistakes, highlight them, and correct them. They can help you improve your writing in a matter of seconds. However, you should be careful when picking one. If you do not choose a reliable tool, you will not get accurate results. But if you use the best online checker, you can be sure that your text will be impeccable.

On the other hand, revising a document manually takes a lot of time. You can miss some mistakes or correct things that were not wrong. This is more complicated if you are the author of the text.

Most Popular Free Online Proofreading Tool Apps

These are some of the most popular free punctuation checker and corrector apps that you can use to check your writing. Each one of them has different advantages. Read their descriptions:

  • WhiteSmoke.com: WhiteSmoke free punctuation checker can be easily activated with a single click. It works with any browser as well as different text applications. When detecting mistakes, it will provide corrections to improve the clarity of the text.
  • VirtualWritingTutor.com: this online checker in a website that can help you detect mistakes in your writing. To use it, you will need to paste the text and click the button of the revision you need. It does not run automatically as you write in different sites.
  • GrammarLookup.com: it is like a free editing tool that revises your writing. It highlights different mistakes like grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You should paste or type the text you want to check.
  • GingerSoftware.com: besides helping you detect your grammar and spelling mistakes, it also works as a proper punctuation app. It consists of different tools that you can mix to improve the quality of the text.
  • DupliChecker.com: it has a simple design that allows you to easily paste the text you want to check. You cannot run a grammar and plagiarism check at the same time, though. You should click one button or the other depending on the mistakes you are looking.

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Compare Different Online Tools

There are different free grammar and punctuation check app that you can choose to revise your text. However, among the wide offer, not all of them will deliver accurate results. So, which one should you pick? This table will help you decide which grammar and punctuation checker app is the best for you.


WhiteSmoke VirtualWriting
Punctuation Check Deep Deep Basic Deep Basic
Passive Voice Finding Yes No No No No
Grammar Errors Check Yes Yes Should be activated Yes Yes
Spelling Mistakes Yes Yes Should be activated Yes Yes
Vocabulary Errors Yes Yes Should be activated No No
Plagiarism Yes No No No Yes
Word Choice It can suggest better options It can improve the style of the text No No No
Time Less than one minute Provides quick results Depends on revision type It makes corrections quickly Less than one minute
Corrections Detects errors and makes suggestions Sometimes it can give writing tips Highlights errors It highlights mistakes Only highlights mistakes
Types of text Academic, business, articles, blogs, etc Academic, business, and blogs Any type, up to 500 words for non-members, or 3000 for members Academic Essays, blogs, and articles
Install Software No No No No No


Free Grammar and Punctuation Check Programs Can Help Students and Writers Save Time

We have the perfect solution for you. Using free punctuation and grammar checkers can help you revise your text. They are online writing editors that you can access 24/7.

Online tools will quickly run a thorough language check. They will provide immediate results, saving you time proofreading and editing your text. When you use free punctuation app, you will be able to focus on writing more interesting content rather than dedicating time to revising your text.

An online checker is a perfect tool for students and writers or anyone else who needs to write a message free of mistakes. It will help you save time while making sure your writing is perfect.

Main Advantages of Our Auto Punctuation App

Our comma placement checker app is full of advantages.

  • All of the services it provides are free and can be done online.
  • It provides immediate results thanks to its powerful algorithm that highlights mistakes instantly.
  • But there is more to it. Our online checker provides a wide range of services, for free, as we have mentioned above. You can check the word count, grammar and spelling. It also runs a plagiarism check to make sure that everything you have written is completely original.
  • You will not have to download any software. Simply access it through our site or install it as a chrome extension so it can check your writing while you type.

Without a doubt, it is the best punctuation checker that can help you improve your writing.

Start using our auto punctuation app today and improve your writing. It will take you less than a minute!